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Nice-n-White is a small operation with low overheads offering Building and Property Maintenance services in Nottingham and Derbyshire since 2009. If you are looking for handyman services such as Gutter cleaning or conservatory cleaning or Damp Solutions and others for your building or property in Nottingham then you are at the right place.

We are best known for the following Handyman Services

Flat conservatory roof cleaning

Gutter Solution

Vital gutter maintenance ,cleaning and repairs for your Nottingham ,Mansfield ,Hucknall and Derby home could be over time the difference of trouble free living for you and your home , or possible nightmare scenarios like damp issues , damaged pointing which in turn causes possible damage to your brick faces themselves.

Moss removal

Conservatory Maintenance

Conservatories are one of those expensive add ons to your home and although they seem like if well maintained will probably last most of our lifetimes ,not really much serious can go wrong with your conservatory , worst being slipped panels creating a break in the seal and allowing water in if the rain and wind is in the right direction

Moss removal Nottingham

Damp Solutions

Damp proof courses and certificates in most cases are not necessary of required , most peoples damp issues can be traced to either blocked and leaking gutters broken and missing tiles ,slates , poorly sealed windows along with leaking gutters , some types of slate roofs are prone to water and wind causing water to blow off and and run down roofs causing damp .





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Nice ‘n’ White has a fast growing base of brilliant customers who always come back for more.


Outdoor maintenance and cleaning firm servicing Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. Ensure gutters, storm drains, and roofs are in perfect working order. With our full UPVC gutter cleaning service in Nottingham allminor leaks and repairs are fixed free of charge.


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