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Gutter Cleaning, Clearing, Unblocking & Vital Gutter Repairs in the Nottingham Areas

Gutter repairs & maintenance in Nottingham are often overlooked due to the fact they’re not in our line of sight ,in some cases for many years until one day you have waterfall/shower in front of your door and your forced to do something about it .Blocked gutters ,leaking gutters will in time damage your brickwork and cause damp inside your property, all of which is not as cheap to repair as having as having a gutter clearing and unblocking service.
Having an Annual Maintenance Routine for your gutters, fascia boards and occasional drain check is probably one of the best things we can do for our properties in Nottingham, we all service our cars on a regular basis, why not have your gutters cleared and cleaned and tested to make sure no leaks, ignore leaking gutter, blocked drains and the repair bill could end up costing the price of your Kid’s 1st Car.
Vital Gutter clearance and cleaning for Nottingham’s residents, leaking and blocked gutters and drains can really ruin your life in Nottingham, gutters and drains are your properties key defence our wet climate in the U.K. ,they direct the water away from your walls and foundations into the sewer system.Blocked and leaking gutters will cause DAMP inside your house, these mould spores can cause Health issues or in extreme cases even KILL.

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Free Gutter clearing and repairs for Nottinghamshire’s residents , at Nice-n-white of Nottingham our gutter clearing service, gutter cleaning service, gutter unblocking service and our drain inspection and trap clearing comes Free to all towns and villages in Nottinghamshire with our uPVC/fascia and soffit cleaning service, giving my customers a valuable, complete and thorough service is that important to me, it’s all part of the N+W Fascia and soffit cleaning service at no extra cost to you .Our price plan is simple and there are no hidden extra charges.
Hard Surface cleaning, uPVC / Fascia +Soffit cleaning in Nottingham ,one of the quality services we offer at Nice-n-White is a full uPVC/Facia and Soffit valeting service, I’m pretty sure when most of you were sold their shiny new Fascia Boards you were told they’re maintenance free, to me this means you don’t have to do anything to them ,in some cases they will probably look a kind of black colour, this does on close inspection after cleaning does cause a certain amount of staining, so in order to keep your fascia boards on the front and soffits underneath ,shiny and new looking having them professionally cleaned at least every 1-2 years is recommended, sometimes highly algae covered gutters can be a sign of blocked downpipes too.
Look after them, like anything in life they’ll stay looking good for many years to come, neglect them they will end up dull and grey.We’ve been cleaning uPVC facials for many years now and regularly get past customers getting back in touch to have them re cleaned usually after 2-5 years they tell us we do too good a job, that’s what we like to hears happy customers.As part of our full uPVC valet or clean we clean your window cills, frames, front side and back door extensions, garage door, not just that we clear out your gutters, unblock and repair where required then test for leaks making sure your system works as it should, all for one price no hidden extras for repairs or whatever some add on to bump up the price

We Provide Service

  • Gutter cleaning nottingham
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  • Fascia soffit cleaning nottingham
  • Fascia soffit cleaning mansfield
  • Driveway cleaning nottingham
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  • Property maintenance nottingham
  • Property maintenance mansfield
  • Pressure washing nottingham
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  • Conservatory roof cleaning nottingham
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  • Patio and Drive laying nottingham
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Gutter Cleaning and un-blocking service Nottingham


We clean uPVC of every type and form:

  • Fascias and Soffits cleaning
  • Conservatories cleaned
  • Car Ports cleaned
  • Window Frames cleaned
  • Doors cleaned
  • Porches cleaned
  • Bargeboards cleaned
We will also clean:

  • Driveways seal and sand
  • Gutter
  • Patios
  • Pathways
  • Brickwork
  • and a whole lot more
Other Services:

  • Gutter Clearing: A Build up of leaves can soon block your gutters leading to problems.
  • Gutter Replacement: If you have damaged old gutters we can replace them with new black uPVC gutters, requiring less cleaning.
  • Drive Cleaning/Sealing: Having your drive well maintained will keep it looking good and free from weeds and slippery green algae.
  • Free uPVC Gutter Leak Repair: We will repair leaks totally free of charge, provided you are paying for another service.