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Property maintenance Nottingham

Whether it’s a leaking poorly sealed bath,shower,kitchen sink a leaking pipe,need flat pack furniture building or a shed or even a dolls palace building,something extremely heavy hanging on your wall’s , brick , block or even plasterboard ,we have the skills you need to get your job done,you name it we’ll do it .
We have been contracting to the Food Industry for many years now during the audit season when all the major supermarkets and H.S.E . inspect every corner of these large factories , months leading up to these audits are extremely busy making sure every aspect of the business is up to top standard and no area inside or outside is in a state of disrepair or dirty and all equipments works as it should and is safe .
This is an extremely high pressure and demanding time of year with high volumes of jobs to be undertaken to a high standard,due to the turnover of staff and their disrespect for building and equipment always best to over engineer your repairs so they last or you’ll only have to revisit and do it again ,this work has made a good foundation for our domestic customers maintenance needs ,whether inside or out we have the skills to take good care of your home,
we are fully insured well used to big job lists and are very reasonably priced , our work is to a standard only the most expensive companies charge , our low overheads at present help us keep our price as low as possible . Read our many customer reviews on Google Plus , all good .

All aspects of Ground Works and all types of Drainage Installations and Concrete work.

Our ground worker know his trade very well and I’ve been working with him for 10 years and knew him before when he built new homes for Taylor Wimpy , we’ve worked together on all sorts of projects both domestic and the odd industrial contract and we never fail to impress the Engineering department.Whether its any type of concrete path ,concrete driveway ,reinforced concrete ,reinforced concrete repairs in busy yards with high volumes of articulated traffic , down to foundations and slabs ,patio and flagstone laying ,road and footpath edgings , underpinning ,ACO drain installations ,drainage additions and repairs.Our works fully insured and guaranteed to last and always incredibly neat and our rates will not break your bank , we only take on small to medium sized projects due to age and unwanted pressure.


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property outdoor maintenance Nottingham
building outdoor maintenance Nottingham
building roof cleaning Nottingham
roof cleaning Nottingham

We Provide Service

  • Gutter cleaning nottingham
  • Gutter cleaning mansfield
  • Fascia soffit cleaning nottingham
  • Fascia soffit cleaning mansfield
  • Driveway cleaning nottingham
  • Driveway cleaning mansfield
  • Property maintenance nottingham
  • Property maintenance mansfield
  • Pressure washing nottingham
  • Pressure washing mansfield
  • Conservatory roof cleaning nottingham
  • Conservatory roof cleaning mansfield
  • Patio and Drive laying nottingham
  • Patio and Drive laying mansfield

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