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Conservatory Cleaning Nottingham

Conservatory Cleaning Nottingham

Nice-N-White are a maintenance and cleaning firm based in Nottingham and servicing the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire areas for many years. We have a fast growing and large base of very nice customers. We love nothing more than helping our customers keep the maintenance costs of their most valuable asset, their house, to a minimum.


The 3 main causes of the most damage to your property and can cost next to nothing to stay on top of expensive repair bills are usually over looked:


Making sure your getters are free flowing and not blocked is very important. Blocked and overflowing gutters will cause damp inside the rooms. Re-plastering and decorating can be very expensive and can be avoided by annual checks.

Storm Drains

Blocked storm drains take minutes to unblock but if left can crack during freezing winter months giving the water a way out so all will seem normal. Over time the water will flow along your foundations washing away the soil potentially causing subsidence and brick work cracking.


While up the ladders we will inspect your roof to check it is water tight and advising if necessary for you to contact your roofer.These 3 things are pretty cheap to stay on top of.Fully insured work carried out to a professional standard, all fully guaranteed.